Kasima Organa

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The Noble Kasima Organa of the planet Alderaan grew up as a blood daughter of the brother to the heir. Her father holds title as the prominent second son, should anything happen to her Uncle Roruk Organa. Her standing within the family remains strongly cemented by declaring for the diplomatic path and ensuring a strong voice in the Alderaan Parliament. This ability to work with words has been bred into her very existance from birth by long hours of study and work. The standard family values of raising a family, continuing to gain profit, and sharing of the peaceful attitude has found a home in her heart. The many skills she gained from her tutors will prove useful against the Sith dark forces that have constantly competed with her house.
Some have wondered at her choice to remain marriageless with such a grand family background, but none have provided a strong enough suit to bear acceptance. The pressure upon Kasima for a worthy husband will lessen with time since other women have already been married at her age. Some think it might mean a lack of desire, but as some who know Kasima, this is not the case. She would say she is just too picky and can’t make up her mind to settle for less than great prominence.
Her hobbies sometimes include dancing, singing, and environmental manipulation. The home of her family is a canvas that she likes to change as often as she does her dress. One day it might rain singing crystals and another it may shine lavender sun with pink and orange clouds. The dancing of her house is a favorite pastime for her evening get togethers, even taking time to choreograph some movements. Those that know she sings are a private select few who have been gifted with a symphony of audible heaven.
All of this has created a personality that requires a strong will to withstand, and an even stronger lack of passion. Few that enjoy life do not share this with Kasima. Her smile can make an elderly bitter man change their mind or a squalling child pause and breathe anew. A distinct disadvantage she faces is her lack of fighting ability, but the empire soldier training she underwent as training for becoming a diplomat helped to slightly buffer this. Another disadvantage she faces is the inherrant training to be listened to at all times by those “below” her in social situations. This will not be readily apparent unless forced on her because she has been taught to be nice, but that she is a person meant to be in power.
Her appearance changes drastically from day to day, given her capability to demonstrate the mood she intends to influence. The clothier portion of her house remains quite busy fulfilling her requests as well as the dyeist, make up, hair stylist, perfumist, cobbler, and jeweler. Some of the women that serve Kasima are utilized in these capacities as she likes to keep a source of safety in gender with her. The house guards always accompany her to and from any locations she may visit and this especially helps in maintaining an air of safety against potential interhouse violence.


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Kasima Organa

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