Star Wars: The War of The Force

Journal of a meeting

Well I guess Patriarch Stellan Organa sent for the jedi to try and help with all of the conflict we’ve had. A master and padiwan appeared and seemed to be deep in discussion with my Patriarch for a long time. I’m sure it would have bored the padiwan so I showed him around and entertained him. I can’t remember his name for all that. My favorite part was showing off the environment features. I don’t think he had seen it before. Well, while entertaining the jedi, a pilot showed up to interview for the job that we set out. I badly missed having a pilot to expertly keep us safe while out and about. My hand maidens secretly wished he would be a rugged, handsome type but I haven’t heard yet if they approve of him. Anyways, I accepted the responsibility for grilling him for the house and got a good story about pirates shooting down a freighter he last piloted. Seems that when you don’t know who attacks you, their employer still assumed it was his fault for a crash. I made sure to ask if the cargo was able to be saved because a good pilot wouldn’t just hard crash if they could. It made me feel better because it meant he would save people when he can. Ohh i can’t remember his name either. How bad am I? Anyways, when I found out he might do, I decided I would see him in action. All of a sudden, a guard pulled me aside and told me a Captain Thane was rumored to be ready to strike along with other guards. I fully researched the dilemma and found out a shipment of special wine had been stolen on the route to our city by raiders. At once, I determined it would behoove our house to prevent a strike. We could not allow these raiders to continue to take from our house supplies necessary for celebrating our serf’s hard work. I asked the pilot and Jedi to accompany me and we set off after a brief time of preparation. When we found the raiders, I couldn’t believe how many were there together. There had to be at least 10, if not 12. I attempted to negotiate with their leader to prevent a physical fight, but he asked too much gold that I could not pay. I felt frustrated that no matter what, he didn’t want to treat me fairly. When I attempted to continue negotiations, they raised their weapons. Our Jedi took that personally and readied his light saber. Their leader then decided it was more profitable to kill us instead of take any gold we might have. I had to attempt to defend myself, and I even tried to heal the pilot and myself because they were overwhelmingly strong. At the last, I was shooting two guns, and still managed to be knocked out. I don’t seem to hit too many shots that I attempt to make. When I awoke, we all were held within a cave, tied up, our possessions taken, and could overhear talk of ransoming me, keeping out skiff, and increasing their overall profit. I couldn’t figure that part out until I realized we had taken out some of their men. In some ways, I felt badly that our dilemma had become the cause of someone’s death. It did not sit well that wine was worth dying for. My next surprise came as a huge and I mean HUGE rock suddenly crashed onto the remaining captors. Out of the blue, the Jedi had managed to take a great move of the force. Our pilot managed to wrangle free of the shackles and help us escape to the skiff. We decided to retrieve the taken wine back to our soldiers of House Organa as reward. The other supplies we could tell had also been stolen. Upon arriving to the city again, we turned the other supplies over to be redistributed to the rightful owners. And our guards were finally able to properly celebrate with fine wine to party that night. I am now a little tired from the events of the day and hope no one noticed that I was taken hostage. My Patriarch wouldn’t like that very much. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Tomorrow should be a great day too. We’ll see where it takes me.



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