Star Wars: The War of The Force

How the adventure log works.

Ok, this is the adventure log, and here is how it works. If you decide to enter a detailed journal entry, written in the first person perspective from you’re characters point of view. You will recieve 1 bonus point for it. this can be done a maximum of once per session played, if you choose to enter more entries than that, that is awesome, but you will not recieve extra bonus points for it. If you choose to participate in this there are a few ways to do it.
1.first person perspective as the events happened
2. a “recap” of the session from your pc’s point of view.
3. if very well written, a third person perspective of the events.

you may include anything you like here, it is your pc’s journal entry, and as such, any information that reflects their views will not be allowed to be used against you in game, unless you have made them public knowledge. if you write an entry it needs to be headed with the date of the game and your characters name in the subtitle, the title can be whatever you like.



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