Star Wars: The War of The Force
This site is built for the players in the game above. This site is a thoroughfare for sharing ideas, in character journals and stories and updates on the progress of the campaign.
The Following link is the “Crawl” of our story, feel free to watch and enjoy!

from this point the first thing, you should do is add your character sheet and a biography so the other players can read it, as well as a picture of your character, this can be done by clicking on the characters tab. check out the adventure log, as the game progresses it is a fun way to write your feelings about sessions and earn points for roleplaying. the wiki has the house rules and character creation and will have more pages added as the game continues. And eventually…I might add a map or two.
Also, good news everyone! we are an ascended group now! which means you will recieve email notifications whenever there is a change or addition to the game site, as well as giving access to “secrets” that you want to share with me or each other without others knowing them, access to the calendar for any changes to game days and times, and the use of the forum tab from the toolbar on the left to discuss game and other things!

Tip: to establish a secret, in the posting forms for almost all postable sections, there is a “Add player secret” option, you click on that option, it will show you who you can share it with besides the GM, so if you want only me to know, dont click anyone, but if you want me and your pilot who plays the buddy to know, select him also.

Star Wars: The War of The Force

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