cathar wight main


hp 41 str 1 dex 19 con 12 int 15 wis 14 cha 15
fort 13 ref 16 will 13
weapon lightsaber (standared)



‘Younglings to bed!’ came from the hall, right as the door slid open. There stood master `Rai Muvunc, a twi’lek female.
In a softer voice, ‘It is time for bed all my younglings; even the greatest of jedi masters need their sleep.’
‘We want a story,’ came back in a unison reply from the ten younglings in the room.
‘Okay just one,’ she said with a sigh. ‘But who should i tell you about?’ as she walked in to the center of the room and sat down on a stool.
Names were thrown out over and over: Al`dira, Car`ulorn, Kosha`, Muvunc, Temedar.
‘Ah now there is a story you all can learn from. Temedar: it is said he stayed in this very room. Some say you can still feel him here protecting us from the Sith.’
It was a long time ago in this galaxy. Temedar was a Cathar born to a litter as the runt. That did not stop him; he fought harder and thought faster then all his brothers and sisters. It is what led us to him. He was brought here and trained just as you all are being now. He was taken as a Padawan when he reached the age of fifteen.
Temedar and his master were out on a simple mission, but one of great importance.

‘Master, why do we have to deliver this old bottle to them? I don’t see why jedi would need to do it.’
‘Because that is what we were asked, Temedar. It is the will of the council. Try being humble for once and be mindful of your thoughts.’
’I’m sorry master. It just seems beneath the skills of a Jedi.’
‘This is a the christening wine of their family. Without it there can be no union and these two familyies will go back to war till there are no more of them.’
‘I know bu…..’
‘Shhhh Temedar i feel the presence of the dark side.’
‘I feel nothing..’
Temedar was thrown from the spot where he stood into the wall and held there by the force.
A man in all black robes stepped into the light.
‘We meet again Jedi!’ he said with an awful hissing sound to his voice
Temedar saw his master draw his light saber and the man in black did as well, the fury and speed at which the two masters traded blows was awe inspiring, each one anticipating the others move and countering it with ease and grace. The man in black dropped Temedar to the floor after the fight started. Temedar, after regaining his senses, snapped up his light saber and joined the duel.
Being young and head strong, Temedar barelled into the fray causing his master to take a hit to the thigh. The man in black was quick to capitalize on his attack and swung his sword with more force and fury then before, quickly over powering both the Jedi and sending Temedar hurling into a wall once again.
Pined helplessly to the wall, Temedar watched as the man in black struck down his master. The man stalked over to Temedar.
‘You can kill me Sith, but you will be hunted throughout the galaxy. There will be no rest.’
‘Ha ha ha kill you boy! No i think not; i have plans for you.’
just then palace guards came round the corner and opened fire on the man.
‘Be seeing you Temedar!’ he exclaimed as he ran off and jumped out a window on to a speeder.
Temedar slumped to the ground and ran to his fallen master.
The pain of loss is heavy but you must not turn it to anger, Temedar.’ came a voice in Temedar’s head.
Yes Temedar I am one with the force now. Take the wine to the guards and get back to the council and report what you have seen here today. And know I will be watching you.


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